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We work to connect authors with the right people. Our sponsors are leaders in the publishing industry and can help you write, publish or promote your book

Maybe you are one of those people who always dream of writing. Maybe you have written some things, but publishing your own book is one of your distant dreams. And maybe you think that you will never be able to publish a book under your own name. The reason for this way of thinking may be that you are afraid. Yes, you are afraid... but of what? The unknown always brings fear to humans. And the world of publishing seems to be an unknown and complicated world for people who are far from it. That is not wrong. In this world, complex terms and processes are in front of newbies.

So what should be done now? Should it be released for this reason? Do you give up your dream so easily? 

This is the easiest way. Let go and stop thinking about it. But there is another way. For unfamiliar people, there are definitely people who know how to guide and help them.

The good news is that we know these people.

We work to connect authors with the right people. Our sponsors are leaders in the publishing industry and can help you write, publish or promote your book.

Now, if you are ready to become a writer and are ready to step into a dreamy and attractive path, contact us. And specify your policy.

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In any case, you can call the number below and ask our colleagues for help.


Who knows, maybe you will become a  published author one day.

It is not as hard as you think It is enough to choose your right path and choose a person who will help you in this path and reduce your difficulties and always support you and teach you what you don't know. Don't worry, that's what we're here for.

You can contact us and get the necessary information from our colleagues. After review and consultation, you can send a copy of your book to make the initial layout. After that, our editors will help you to promote your book. We can also obtain the necessary licenses to publish the book. In short, you can count on us from the beginning of your work to the marketing and sale of your book.

Just be sure of this whether you are in Iran or a Farsi-speaking resident of other countries such as Afghanistan and Tajikistan, you can get help from us to print your books.

Also, if you are an English speaker and live in the United States, Canada, Australia, England, etc., you can rely on us and our support teams to print your book in English.

Book printing process

Idea and outline

Book printing can start with an idea. If you are interested in writing, you must have at least one or two ideas in your head. Perhaps this is one of the most difficult stages of your work as a writer. If you are facing problems in this part, you can read this article.

At this time, you should determine your desired genre and see what topic is suitable according to it. And whether you have an idea in your mind or not.


Writing and developing ideas

This part is also your work. You are the one who should develop your idea. Perhaps this stage is one of the most difficult and, of course, the most breathtaking stages of your work as a writer.

The type of book should also be specified. Do you want to write a book of fiction or psychology? Maybe sociology or politics? You should see if you are going to write from your mind or you should do research in this field. Maybe you have to read a lot of books to be able to extract or borrow from them.

Is all you have to do is develop an idea in your head or not... do you need extensive research... is it a new idea that hasn't been worked on much or has been done before you? Maybe you should read all the books with that idea or you don't see much need for this?


Contact a knowledgeable person

This is where you should be careful and find a team that will support you in all stages of your work. And maybe this is where we stand in your way and help you and make the different stages of work easy for you.

Do you know someone who can help you in this way or not? If you are a newbie, this is where our help comes in handy. Maybe you should pick up the phone and call us. We support you in all stages of work. We can connect you to the people you need. And we advise you in all stages of the work.



From here on, you have less work to do and just be patient. The publisher who undertakes your work will do the layout work - sometimes with your consultation.

Book layout is an art. The person who does this determines the cut according to the content of the book and determines the type of font and margins and footnotes. If needed, you can tell him your opinion. He arranges the pages of the book according to the number of pages and can finally deliver a sample copy to you.



The publisher entrusts your work to an editor and he helps you to improve your text and makes technical and content edits. He is with you in all these steps and is in constant contact with you. Your responsibility here is to work with the editor to improve your text.

Editing a book is the work of an expert. An editor is a person who reads your book with the intention of seeing and correcting typos and content that escaped your notice. You can trust him. He will read your book as an impartial person and give you his professional opinion. Of course, in some cases, it makes the text uniform and prepares it for the audience to read.


Obtaining a license

This is one of the tasks of the publisher who obtains the necessary permissions for you.


Cover design

At this stage, your job as a writer is just to give ideas and be with the designer.

The cover designer chooses the design and color according to the subject of your book as well as your interests. You can help him go through this process better.


Book publishing

It is one of the sweetest stages of work that requires a lot of patience.

This is where you've been waiting for. According to your and the publisher's budget, the circulation of the book and its price will be determined. Then it is released to the publishing market. Your book will soon enter the storefronts of bookstores.


Marketing and sales

This is where you are supposed to taste the fruit of your patience and achieve your desired result. It is also necessary to mention that you sign a contract with the publisher at the beginning of the work and you have cooperation and consensus in all stages.


Congratulations, you are now a writer!

Well, to achieve this dream, it might be better to start writing as soon as possible

If you need more information, you can click here and read another article in the same field.


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